Hey, I'm a Translator, Game Designer, and Graphic Designer.

Indifferent is a short arcade game created in Gamemaker Studio.

It was originally made for CMPM 80K Foundations of Game Design @ UCSC.

Indifferent was intended to fulfill the purpose of meaning something significant, a generalized theme given by the class professors. A player is tasked with having to go purchase milk from a store; however, they are met with obstacles that they must overcome. Each encounter with a random individual causes health loss, signified by the color change of the player sprite, until eventually they are indistinguishable from the NPC’s walking around the player. Gameplay is roughly 30 seconds to a minute.

Short Comings

This game, like the ones created in 80K, had a great deal of pitfalls and shortcomings. Overall feature-creep and time constraints were major obstacles for myself when developing this game. My TA at the time recommended that I concentrate of gameplay over visuals on first review; however, I failed to do so. This piece of advice was considered strongly, but I still ended up using too much time on assets. As a novice who hadn’t done art in a while, each background took about 4-8 hours to create. Which in a very hectic finals week was a terrible idea.

Assets used in game.